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Guide dog - equipment


We are the leading manufacturer for
Guide dog - equipment in Germany,
our products are high quality criteria
developed by us and produced.

With over 25 year experience and service
we are available to our customers and
manufacture special developments of
accessories for guide dog trainers and
dog training schools.

Worldwide delivery of our products
no minimum order value.
As a dog leader or guide dog school
request our special rates.

Service dogs

We conduct and produce various accessories
for assistance dogs, service dogs,
Therapy dogs, as well as individual solutions
depending on the educational objective of the service dog.

Dog Sports - Accessories

We stock a wide range leashes, collars
and accessories from different manufacturers
and own productions.

Whether for private dog, service dog or dog sports
we have the slogan:

"Either we have it or can get it,
  does not exist we will produce "

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