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Starting with a small leather work shop our business has changed into a imposive leather goods production & work shop.

Due to our flexibility we are able to produce large quantities of leather into almost all leather items.
Starting with bags, suitcases, belts or any technical leather items you desire, and what we also have available
is the repair of any leather items at Bellstedt.

Company History:

1966  Company establishment of a leather work shop through Werner Bellstedt sen.
1972  Relocation into our today's business premisses and opening of a leather goods specialist store.
1980  Enlargement with production of guide dog accessoires.
1984  Modification and enlargement of the salesrooms and the work shop
1994  Development and patenting of a new guide dog harness.
1999  Extension and enlargement of the production plant
2007  Modernization and enlargement of the salesrooms

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